Dot Net Development

If your focus is flexibility and reliability, Microsoft's.net framework will give your website, application or product, the portability you desire. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Icreon is a leading provider of custom Microsoft.net development solutions in India and globally.

Dot Net for Enterprise

Most businesses, across the board, are still heavy users of Microsoft.net (or Microsoft dot net) as a basis for most of the web based software development. C# .net development is still the fundamental platform for most enterprise applications and Icreon has a team of some of the most experienced Microsoft.net, C#.net developers in India and overseas.

Whether your business is developing a state-of-the-art website, an enterprise business application, or in the midst of fully overhauling your current processes, you can hire an expert dot net developer or a dot net development team from Icreon who can build a custom Microsoft dot net development solution that fits your needs, using C#, APS.Net.

We have made extensive use of the powerful .NET platform; we have worked with ASP.NET using both C# and VB.NET, we have also worked with .NET WinForms, web services, XML, SQL Server etc. We provide application migration from Asp to Asp.net and web enable legacy application to Asp.Net application. Our highly competent and experienced team is also backed by experienced .NET project managers to ensure that your project is delivered to scheduled and on budget.

Microsoft.Net development
. Supports several programming languages

The Microsoft.net development platform provides a language-neutral environment for the development and execution of software products, therefore your site's functionality need not be tied to a single language. Built to operate between new and older applications, the .net Framework includes a large library and has the ability to support several programming languages and make them work together in the common language infrastructure. Instead your site will be available across several languages in the .net framework.

. Simplified development & portability

Easy deployment is possibly the most attractive benefit of the .net framework. The .net development platform makes it easier to maintain your code, and eliminates the need to mix HTML and ASP code. The .net Framework also includes functions for exception handling, garbage collection, security, and interoperability.

. Security

Microsoft's .net framework has it's own security features including code access security (CAS), and validation and verification. The dot net development framework also has direct support for security so your solution isn't tied to local resources or a local machine. To allow users to access data on a remote machine, .net as a platform, enables the developer to control the level of security.